Get a Tax Plan Guaranteed to Reduce Your Taxes

CPA Tax Planning Services

The purpose of tax planning is to reduce your taxes. If our CPAs are unable to create a plan to help you do this, then we will refund your money.

CPA Tax Planning Services
CPA Tax Planning Services
Saving money on your taxes has never
been easier

Simply complete a questionnaire and upload last year’s tax returns to our easy-to-use tax planning platform.

Our tax CPAs will examine your taxes and identify ways to help you reduce your taxes.

Upon completion, you will get a personalized 25+ tactical tax plan with instructions to help you start saving on taxes.

How much money could a 25+ page customized business tax plan add to your bottom line?
Tax Planning Services
Average Tax Savings for Clients

Our tax planning services help our clients save an average of $20,000 in tax savings. This is money that can be invested back into the business, put away for retirement, or wherever suits your needs.

Actual tax savings vary for each client based on their unique tax situation. All of our tax plans are backed by our money-back guarantee*.

CPA Tax Accountant Services

Low-risk, Money-Back Guarantee

Our tax plans are guaranteed to reduce your taxes. Our fee is 100% contingent upon the amount of money we can save you in taxes. If we are unable to reduce your taxes, we will either decline the engagement or refund your money.

What is Tax Planning?

Tax planning is the analysis and arrangement of your financial situation to pay the lowest amount of taxes possible. Our CPA tax planning services include an in-depth analysis of your prior tax returns, and recommendations on how to reduce future tax returns.

Here is an example of our tax planning services.

Thousands of Tax Planning Strategy Combinations

Our team of licensed CPAs consider over 1,400 federal, state, and local tax strategies as they review your unique situation. We find the most effective tax planning strategies for maximizing deductions, deferring income, optimizing legal entity structures, and taking advantage of economic relief programs like the CARES Act, exit and capital gains, and other advanced strategies.

Overall Tax Savings

Our strategic roadmap to reduce your tax expense starts with the end in mind. With our tax planning services, you will receive an estimate of tax savings for the current year as well as the projected savings for the following year all based on the assumptions you’ve given us.

Tax Planning Recommendations

Our tax CPAs will recommend specific tax strategies to help you realize the estimated tax savings. They will consider both, individual and entity-level tax planning strategies to help you put more money back into your pockets.

Estimated Retirement Savings

Our tax CPAs will evaluate tax-deferred accounts, such as retirement accounts, to help you defer income to reduce your taxes.

In addition, we highlight what it would look like if you took your new tax savings and invested it every month toward retirement.

Next Steps-Take Action

Included in all of our tax plans are step-by-step instructions to implement the tax strategies in your plan. 

And if you have any questions on the implementation instructions, our tax CPAs will gladly answer them when presenting your tax plan to you.

Tax Planning Fees

Our tax planning fees are based on the results we are able to achieve for you. We charge a percentage of estimated tax savings you receive from our engagement.


of Estimated Tax Savings

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Watch this testimonial video to hear directly from our clients on their experience working with our firm.

Our Tax Preparation Fees

Must be a Tax Planning Client*

Tax Return

$ 1000
  • Form 1040 Individual Tax Return (Single/Married)
  • 1 Tax Return (Federal and State)
  • 1 CPA Tax Consultation to Maximize Tax Savings
  • Includes Schedules A, B, D, E, and Individual Tax Forms*
  • Does not include Business Returns (Schedule C, 1065, 1120S)

Business Tax

$ 1500
  • 1 Business Tax Return (Federal and State Return)
  • 1 CPA Tax Consultation to Maximize Tax Savings
  • Includes Schedule C, 1065, 1120S, 1120
  • Includes K-1 Preparation for Partners*
  • Does not include Individual Tax Return

Individual & Business
Tax Return

$ 2000
  • $500 Bundle Discount
  • 1 Individual 1040 Tax Return (Single/Married)
  • 1 Business Tax Return (Schedule C, 1065, 1120S, 1120)
  • 1 CPA Tax Consultation to Maximize Tax Savings
  • Includes K-1 Preparation for Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Tax preparation involves gathering your financial information and reporting it to the government. It does not seek to identify ways to reduce your tax liability. We recommend our tax planning services to businesses with over $100,000 in business revenue.

No, tax preparation is a separate service that we offer to our tax planning clients. However, we do offer bundle discounts when you sign-up for both services. For more information on this, view our pricing page.

It all depends on your tax circumstances. On average, we find over $20,000 in tax savings for our clients. If you sign-up with us, we guarantee to find you estimated tax savings that are at least twice the cost of our fee.

Only 18% of tax advisors offer forward-thinking tax planning services. Many tax professionals lack the time, experience, or staff to help their clients with tax planning. In sharp contrast, we have built our firm to specialize in tax planning above any other tax service.

Yes, one of our tax CPAs will meet with you to go over your tax plan to ensure you understand it. You will also be able to meet with one of our CPAs on a semi-annual basis to discuss your plan if needed.

Simply apply to become one of our exclusive tax clients, and follow the next steps provided. We have limited seats for clients, so make sure you contact us as soon as possible!

Yes, to ensure quality service,  we make sure there is an assigned CPA to every client in our firm.