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You don’t want to miss this opportunity if…

  • You are NOT avoiding self-employment tax!

    You will learn how to avoid most of your self-employment tax liability. You will learn the exact steps you need to take and forms you need to complete to reduce this tax immediately.

  • You are NOT deducting almost EVERYTHING!

    You will learn how you can deduct almost any expenses as a business deductible expense to lower your taxable income and pay less taxes.

  • You are NOT converting personal expenses into business deductions!

    You will learn how to convert personal expenses, like your rent, mortgage, car, vacation, meals, health insurance, and technology expenses, into business tax deductions.

  • You are NOT deferring income to reduce your tax bill!

    You will learn how to defer income and use the amount you contribute as a tax deduction. You are going to learn the best accounts to use, and which accounts you can use together to create the most tax savings.

  • You do NOT know how to protect yourself from IRS Audits!

    You will learn our system to protect yourself from IRS audits and prove the legitimacy of your tax deductions. You will never have to guess again what type of records and documents you need to keep up with.



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What’s Included

7 Modules, 40+ Actionable Training Lessons plus Bonuses




MyCPAs Tax Savers Course Curriculum

Module 1: Make the Tax Code Your Friend

  1. The Largest Expenses in Your Life
  2. The Purpose of the Tax Code
  3. How to Benefit from the Tax Code
  4. How to Start Saving on Taxes

Module 2: How Business Taxes Work & How Entities are Taxed

  1. How Income Taxes Work
  2. How Federal Income Taxes Work
  3. How State Income Taxes Work
  4. How Self-Employment Taxes Work
  5. How Corporate Taxes Work
  6. How Entities are Taxed

Module 3: How to Avoid Self-Employment Tax

  1. Who Pays Self-Employment Tax?
  2. The Best Business Structure to Avoid Self-Employment Tax
  3. Rules & Requirements Related to Business Structure
  4. How to Setup Tax Entity to Avoid Self-Employment Tax (Forms Provided)

Module 4: How to Deduct Almost Anything

  1. What are Tax Deductions?
  2. What are Business Tax Deductions? (And Everything You Can Deduct)
  3. How to Immediately Expense Certain Asset Purchases (Sect. 179)

Module 5: How to Convert Personal Expenses into Business Deductions

  1. Business vs. Personal Expenses
  2. How to Deduct Your Home Expenses
  3. How to Deduct Your Vehicle Expenses
  4. How to Deduct Your Travel Expenses
  5. How to Deduct Your Meals Expenses
  6. How to Deduct Your Health Insurance Premiums
  7. How to Deduct Your Technology Expenses

Module 6: How to Defer Income to Reduce Taxes

  1. How Income Deferral Works
  2. The Traditional IRA Strategy
  3. The Solo 401K Strategy
  4. The SEP IRA Strategy
  5. The HSA Strategy
  6. The Combo Strategy

Module 7: How to Protect Yourself from IRS Audits

  1. The Best Audit Protection System
  2. Documentation Requirements for Deductions
  3. IRS Audits & Your Chances of Being Audited
  4. Tips to Avoid an IRS Audit
  5. How to Handle IRS Audits
  6. How to Handle IRS Letters


  1. Forms to Complete to Avoid Self-Employment Tax
  2. Specific Vendor for Accounting System Implementation (and Discount)
  3. Specific Vendor Recommendation for Tax Deferral Accounts
  4. Sample Diaries, Logs, and other Supporting Docs you can use for business deductions
  5. (Continuously adding new resources to help our Tax Savers)




Meet the Instructors

The CPA Couple

Krystal A. CPA, Sherman the CPA

Krystal A. CPA is an accomplished CPA who started her career working for a Big 4 Accounting firm in International Tax. She transitioned from Corporate America in 2017 to launch LYFE Accounting and successfully serviced hundreds of clients with tax preparation, tax planning, and CPA services.

Sherman the CPA is an accomplished Entrepreneur whose first encounter with tax was when he owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes as a business owner. This led to curiosity, and eventually a passion for helping entrepreneurs reduce their taxes after successfully reducing his own. 

Krystal and Sherman are both actively licensed CPAs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the program?

You will have lifetime access to the program for as long as it exists.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final at the time of purchase. If you own a business and pay significant self-employment tax, federal income tax, or state income tax, you will learn how to reduce your tax bill with this course.

Who is this program really for?

This program is primarily for entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, or any type of business owner.

This program is not suitable for those who do not own a business, and do not wish to own a business.

Do you honor past prices?

We do not honor past prices. Once you leave this page, you run the risk of losing out on the current price.



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